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Architecture of Optimism: The Kaunas Phenomenon 1918–1940
This is English edition. Original title: „Optimizmo architektūra: Kauno fenomenas 1918–1940“ (available for sale) //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// After Kaunas suddenly became Lithuania’s provisional capital in 1919, the city’s subsequent transformation was nothing short of miraculous. Kaunas’ identity changed radically: in less than twenty years, its residents transformed the city into a modern, elegant and European capital. Architecture played a particularly important role in that transformation. Architecture of Optimism is more than just the story of one city and its architecture. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// It is about the perpetual birth and death of hope, about creative endeavour and inspiring productive optimism, about the migration of ideas and forms, about the local and the global, about art and freedom, war and oppression. It is about changing forms and ideas and their relationship with the present day. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// This book is part of an exhibition entitled „The Architecture of Optimism: The Kaunas Phenomenon, 1918-1940“ held to commemorate the one hundredth anniversary of the restoration of Lithuanian independence.
  • edited by Marija Drėmaitė
  • texts Vilma Akmenytė-Ruzgienė, Norbertas Černiauskas, Marija Drėmaitė, Giedrė Jankevičiūtė, Paulius Tautvydas Laurinaitis, Viltė Migonytė-Petrulienė, Vaidas Petrulis
  • photos Gintaras Česonis, Norbert Tukaj
  • editorial board
  • designed by Jurga Dovydėnaitė, Linas Gliaudelis
  • translated by Darius Sužiedėlis
  • layout by
  • language editor Jeremy Hill
  • editor
  • pages 292
  • published on 2018-05
  • publisher Lapas, bendradarbiaujant su UNESCO
  • print run 1 000
  • binding minkštas
  • languages anglų
  • ISBN 978-609-8198-08-9

  • 224x194x2 mm 0.7 kg
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