Not Yet Decided. Lithuanian architects. Unfulfilled projects / sketchbook
This album contains 20 projects by Lithuanian architectural studios, immortalising ideas that were never fulfilled, or ones that were incredibly close to becoming a reality. These are projects in which the architects still believe and projects that were personal discoveries, the perfect answers to questions raised by certain situations. The album is also a vital and personal creative space, a notebook for ideas and sketches. This notebook poses no threat of creative blocking because it has already been started with unfulfilled ideas. >>>>>>>>>>>>> Published in collaboration with EASA Lithuania 2016
  • edited by Saulė Gabrielė Petraitytė, Gabrielė Jurevičiūtė

  • designed by Radvilė Samackaitė, Laura Bautrėnaitė
  • vertėjas Andrius Gailiūnas
  • language editor Rima Bertašavičiūtė

  • pages 120
  • released on 2016-09
  • publisher Lapas
  • print run 1.000
  • binding hard cover
  • languages English, Lithuanian
  • ISBN 978-609-8198-00-3

  • 140x210x10 mm 0.35 kg
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