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Kaunas Architectural Guide
There are two most distinguished periods of Lithuanian archi- tecture – Vilnius Baroque architecture and Kaunas Modernism of the Interwar period. Plenty of books are written about the first one, whilst Kaunas modernism is beginning to receive the deserved attention only nowadays. Extremely short period of the first independent Republic of Lithuania showed that even a young state can emerge with exeptional architecture. These structures had a significant influence over the Soviet period, as well as on contemporary Lithuanian architects. 243 buildings – original and distinctive, from Interwar and Soviet Kaunas, together with architecture of today, can be found in Kaunas Architecture Guide, published for the first time. Here, illiustrated with photos and drawings, their history is being told. The book also has a special forfeiture chapter – with stories of already demolished or abandoned buildings, which still remain very important to Kaunas‘ genius loci. Kaunas Architecture Guide is dedicated to professional researchers as well as to common readers, to everyone who cares about the city and its’ elements.
  • edited by Julija Reklaitė
  • texts lmantas Bružas, Marija Drėmaitė, Giedrė Jankevičiūtė, Jolita Kančienė, Rūta Leitanaitė, Nijolė Lukšionytė, Vaidas Petrulis
  • photos Norbert Tukaj et alt.
  • editorial board
  • designed by Kontis Šatūnas
  • vertėjas Andrius Gailiūnas
  • layout by
  • language editor Joseph Everatt
  • editor
  • pages 336
  • released on 2017-02
  • publisher LAPAS
  • print run 2.000
  • binding flexi cover
  • languages English, Lithuanian
  • ISBN 978-609-8198-02-7

  • 150x170x20 mm 0.54 kg
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