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BALANSAS. Skanus maistas ir sveikos gyvensenos idėjos aktyviems žmonėms / THE BALANCE. Tasty meals and healthy living ideas for active people
More and more people take up sport; it‘s fashion. Running a mara- thon, holidays on a bike, a badminton club, swimming, kiting, zumba, rock climbing and many other interesting sports are becom- ing an important part of our social life, and slowly – our lifestyle. However, the information on how to eat healthy while doing sports as a leisure activity is very scarce. What should one eat in or- der to have plenty of energy during the training session and recover fast afterwards? What food should one choose for the competition day or active outdoor activities? “The Balance: Tasty meals and healthy living ideas for active peo- ple” is a book for an amateur athlete, a person who wants to live his life feeling good: being active, staying healthy and enjoying a great dish. The book consists of 60 recipes along with attractive photos, nutrition tables and cooking tips for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner prepared by a professional chef, and nine chapters on healthy nutrition presenting all the necessary eating guidelines for amateur athletes in an easy and entertaining fashion.
  • photos Robertas Daskevičius
  • editorial board Ūla Ambrasaitė, Sigita Pūkienė

  • designed by Zigmantas Butautis
  • language editor Vytautas Kardelis

  • pages 266
  • released on 2016-02
  • publisher Lapas, Aukso žuvys
  • binding hard cover
  • languages Lithuanian, English
  • ISBN 978-609-95484-7-0

  • 17x22x2 mm 0.88 kg
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