Varžtas iš SSRS. Iš Godos Palekaitės parodos Teisinės sapno pasekmės. 2018. RawArt galerija, Tel Avivas
Goda Palekaitė, Schizmatikai. Knygos nuotraukos
Goda Palekaitė, Schizmatikai. Knygos nuotraukos
Iš Godos Palekaitės parodos Ribiniai protai: Michelis Leiris. 2019. Konstepidemin, Geteborgas. Godos Palekaitės nuotrauka
Kaukazo kalnai. 2017. Godos Palekaitės nuotrauka

Goda Palekaitė


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preview sample – Lithuanian edition

10 engaging stories - performance in your hands - intimacy with history

Schismatics consists of 10 short stories, in a fictitious way dealing with forgotten historical personas. Among them, artist Goda Palekaitė includes Mary Anning –– an amateur discoverer of dinosaurs, Emanuel Swedenborg –– a mystic who empirically explored the architecture of heaven, and Essad Bey –– a Jewish-Muslim writer and orientalist. Here their lives are revived and balance between the lines of history and story.

The book fuses elements of fiction, academic writing, and artistic research, and intertwines with rumors, forgeries, and inventions. Previously, its characters and narratives have already appeared in Palekaitė’s performances and installations, which are presented in the middle of this bilingual edition. In the introductory essay, Valerio Del Baglivo analyses the author’s exploration of facts and fiction, the mechanisms of knowledge production, and the trans-chronological perception of time. At the end of the book, Monika Lipšic ‘Riddle’ reflects on a ‘schismatic poetics’. 

How to cure the present from nostalgia?

Throughout her work, Palekaitė explores how history can become ‘sick’ by being infected with hegemonic discourses and restrictive academic methods of validating truth, corruptions, and pure inventions. […] In this book, the artist has established an extensive archive of the lives of marginalized historical figures, who resisted and questioned cultural clichés and political ideologies.

– Curator Valerio Del Baglivo

about the author

Goda Palekaitė is a contemporary artist and researcher whose work combines visual, literary, performative, and anthropological practices. Exploring the politics of historical narratives, the agency of dreams and collective imagination, and social conditions of creativity, her work evolves around long-term projects that manifest as performances, scenographies, installations, and texts. Her performances, solo and group shows are being presented internationally. In 2019 Goda Palekaitė received The Golden Stage Cross and the Young Artist’s Prize for her artistic contributions across disciplines. More


author of the introduction: Valerio Del Baglivo
author of the poem: Monika Lipšic
Lithuanian language editor: Dangė Vitkienė
English language editor: Yates Norton
Translator of the Introduction: Austėja Masliukaitė
designer: Vilmantas Žumbys

ISBN 978-609-8198-28-8
320 pages, 126x196x21 mm
published by LAPAS books September, 2020

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